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Motorcycle Fault Finding

When trying to pin point a problem or running issue that a motorcycle may have, fault finding and diagnostics can be a timely and costly business.  Without the right equipment to connect to, read and analyze the data inside todays modern motorcycle electronic engine management systems, fault finding can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Moore Speed Racing’s Bournemouth Motorcylce’s workshop technicians now use the latest in multi brand diagnostic ECU reading and repair tools from TEXA.  Our new state of the art multi utility diagnostic system connects directly to the motorcycle and can be used to read all of the ECU’s parameters, functions, fault codes and errors.  The new equipment and software also allows us to activate  & run diagnostic tests on the motorcycle whilst the vehicle is in use, helping to find  any intermittent  faults.

With the ability to connect to a wide range of models from todays leading motorcycle manufacturers our workshop technicians are perfectly equipped to diagnose and repair any faults or running problems that your motorcycle may have.

  • Fault Diagnostic & repair
  • Diagnostic component Testing
  • ECU settings adjustment
  • Fault Code reading
  • Service Light reseting

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